Job Details: Consultant haemathologist

Jervis Street
Dublin 1
Consultant haemathologist

Bologna Health Jobs is looking for a Consultant doctor in Haematology
?( clinical and laboratory ) located in the south west of Irleand.
The haemathology department has to provide the highest quality
clinical care for their patients, and actively involved in clinical
trials, provide a high standard training and teaching and encourage
clinical and laboratory research activities.
The department is dedicated to provide treatment of a wide variety of
blood diseases and to giagnose and care of patients with benign and
malignant blood disorders.
The haemathology team consists in 3 consultants, one specialist
regitrar, 2 registrars and 3 SHO


- Initial contract of 1 year with a possibility to become Permenant

- Approximate net monthly SALARY OF **Apply on the website** ?
NET/MONTH after tax and pension deductions.

- **Apply on the website** working days per Year holidays for
Consultants+ public holidays (t is 9 in a year).

- 7 study days leave per year to attend conferences or further
education for Consultants.

- Up to **Apply on the website**? for educational funding for

- ??????Clinical indemnity insurance included.

Requirements and Qualifications:

1. The doctor should be a Specialist in haematology inside the
European Union. Will need to get registered with the Irish Medical
Council on the Specialist Registrar but we can help you with that if
the doctor is not registered. Please take into account that the
process can take up to 3 months in total.

2. Have a very good command of written and spoken English.

3. Should have experience in Clinical haematology, laboratory
reporting and transfusional medicine.

4. Good motivation to go to Ireland to work as a doctor as from
?**Apply on the website**

All candidates who are interested should send a detailed CV in English
to the following ?address: (Please contact us using the "Apply for
this Job Posting" box below) and more precise information on the job
places will be given once we receive the CVs.


We need : English (Good)

Type: Permanent
Category: Others

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