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Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny: Project Worker
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The Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny is a homeless charity that provide
support and resettlement services (emergency and long-term
accommodation) with the aim of returning people to sustained
independent living. We encourage our clients to take control of every
dimension of their lives by providing services that enhance their:
learning and training capabilities, personal development, social and
recreational life, employment opportunities, medication control,
relationships and personal responsibility. In addition, we also work
very closely with the Kilkenny Local Authority, Health Service
Executive, Department of Psychiatry St. Lukes, Kilkenny Leader
Partnership Company, Kilkenny VEC, Amber Women’s Refuge, ARDU etc to
ensure that the needs of somebody experiencing homeless are met.

For the past **Apply on the website** years we have primarily provided
a service to men experiencing, or at risk of becoming homeless.
However, we now also cater for homeless families, couples and women.



ROLE TYPE: Full Time role available
Panel to be established. Relief Roles also available





To work with the Service Manager and within the authority delegated to
the post holder by the service manager; to assist in the day to day
running of the service whilst remaining on the roster.

The Project Worker will be responsible for: processing referrals,
conducting assessments; care/support planning and implementation of
care/support plans; engaging with service users; supporting service
users with move on plans; managing maintenance issues; delivering
practice supervision.

The Project Worker will play a key role in recruiting, mentoring and
supporting staff and students _(if applicable)_ in order to ensure
that the highest level and standards of social care practice are
further developed and maintained in the service.

In addition to this, the post holder will act on behalf of the Service
Manager and provide out of hours on call support where designated.


GSCK provides emergency accommodation for up to **Apply on the
website** people, these services are low threshold in nature, In
addition supported temporary accommodation is provided to **Apply on
the website** households. One unit is provided for emergency families.


The post-holder will report to and be supervised by the Service
Manager. The service manager reports to the General Manager.
The post-holder will line manage and supervise a social care team
panel of Locum/Relief Project Workers and student project workers.
They may also act on behalf of the Service Manager for the homeless
service as designated during periods of leave as designated and agreed
by the General Manager.
The post-holder will liaise closely with the Service Manager and
relevant stakeholders in the Local Authority, Health Service Executive
and other agencies.
The post holder will work within the overall framework and policies of


_Resident Support_

* To provide leadership on shift by demonstrating the highest
standard of social care practice.
* To ensure that the service responds effectively to the needs of
the service users in areas such as referral, induction, key working/
case management and move on.
* Ensure service users access services / community supports/ welfare
allowances which they are entitled to.

_Aftercare and additional accommodation supports_

* Ensure that the service responds effectively to the needs of former
service users and service users living in various community


* To ensure a consistently high standard of care for the service
users and that the rights of the service users are protected and
* To continuously work towards the achievement of “Putting People
First” and the implementation of the National Quality Standards
Framework for Homeless Services and National Standards for Safer
Better Healthcare.
* To work to the highest standards of the Dublin Regional Homeless
Regional Executive Competency Framework


* To carry out duties in accordance with the values, ethos & mission
statement of the GSCK.
* To contribute to the on-going development of Standards, Polices
and Procedures in the centre.


* To ensure staff-handovers are conducted to the highest standards,
are effective, and in-line with GSCK policies and procedures
* To chair regular team-meetings with all staff to ensure effective
communication sharing, discussion and review of practice, client
welfare and outcomes
* To report to the Service Manager challenges, changes or resources
needs as they arise
* To record supervision meetings with all staff and students _(if
* To provide the Service Manager with the data and information
required for meetings, and to attend meetings and present reports as
* To manage and maintain data and information in accordance with
best practice
* To maintain and manage an information data-base as may be required

_Staff Supervision_

* To direct, develop, support and supervise staff and students _(if
applicable)_ in their duties
* To assess the training and development needs of staff and to
develop appropriate training opportunities for them in conjunction
with the Service Manager and General Manager.
* To assist the Service Manager to recruit and select staff, in line
with the agreed recruitment and selection policy and procedure and in
consultation with the General Manager & HR Service Partner, Homeless
Services & HSE Social Inclusion.
* To facilitate the induction of new Care & Locum staff and students
_(if applicable)_ in this service.
* To liaise with the Service Manager in dealing with any staff
disciplinary or grievance matters in accordance with agreed policy and
* To assist the Service Manager in consultations with staff on
decisions that may affect them.


* To monitor and ensure that all aspects of Health and Safety
standards are met within the service in accordance with the Health and
Safety policy
* To report any Health and Safety concerns or issues to the Service
* Manage a maintenance system and ensure accommodation is maintained
to a high standard.

_Information Management_

* To support and monitor the further development of appropriate
information management systems
* To support and monitor compliance with Data Protection legislation
and the Service Users Confidentiality Policy


* To insure confidentiality is maintained at all times, in accordance
with best practice, with regard to both Staff supervision files and
case management files
* To contribute to and further imbed a culture of confidentiality as

_Case-Management Files_

* To contribute to and support the implementation of progressive
Information Technology systems, so as to facilitate the improvement of
record-keeping and case-management systems
* Maintain standard of all files and record keeping systems
* Engage with referral agents and facilitate regular support plan
* Complete ‘move in’; ‘case management’ and ‘move out’
processes in line with policies and best practice in social care

_Staff Supervision File_

* To further develop, keep and maintain staff supervision files in
accordance with best practice.

_Supervision and Roster of Locum/Relief Care staff/Shift Attendants_

* Monitoring and management of staff rosters in the managers absence
or when delegated to do so
* Provide guidance and support to Locum/Relief Project Workers/Shift
attendants as appropriate

_Monitoring Resources_

* To advise the Service Manager of efficiencies, pressures or
requirements in relation to resources

_Crisis Management_

* To have the ability to deal with and resolve difficult situation,
when they arise in a calm and professional manner. Using proven crisis
management techniques and following policy and procedures to ensure
safety and relationships are maintained
* To act on behalf of the Service Manager as required, i.e., during
annual leave, sick leave, or other necessary times as requested


_The Project Worker will:_

* Proactively identify and engage with service users experiencing
* Assess how the Service can assist them and prioritise their
support needs.
* Complete screening/ initial assessment, develop and implement
care/support plans, and conduct regular key working appointments as
appropriate to the service user’s needs.
* Carry out risk assessments and risk management plans as
* Participate in multi-agency working through case management and
case reviews as appropriate.
* Ensure that all paperwork is completed including consent forms,
enabling the service to advocate as appropriate with external
* Foster positive relationships with external agencies in order to
maximise the supports and resources available to clients to help them
address the issues which have resulted in them becoming homeless.
* Attendance at the weekly Homeless Action Team meeting as delegated
in Service Manager’s absence.
* Assist people to complete or update their housing applications, as
well as applications for HAP, provide assistance when seeking
emergency accommodation, or to contact Landlords or Letting Agents.


_The Project Worker will:_

* To work effectively within the team setting to administer the day
to day aspects of the service as outlined in Standard Operating
* To maintain high quality documentation standards as per GSCK
policy and observe professional standards in respect of
confidentiality and data security.
* To return statistics/data within required time frames.
* To report any issues affecting the administration of the service
to your line manager.
* To attend Homeless Action Team meeting on a weekly basis as
delegated in Service Manager’s absence.
* To meet with the Service Manager on a monthly basis for
* To identify any training gaps and undertake ongoing training in
order to maintain high professional standards.
* To co-operate with aspects pertaining to the operation of new


_The Project Worker will:_

* To participate in relevant research/audit projects within the
service in order to improve outcomes and standards in addiction and
homeless services.
* To participate in initiatives that improves the quality of all
aspects of the service. To contribute to any service improvement plans
as a result of evaluation or audit.
* To ensure that service user opinion and feedback is sought in
relation to all service development projects.
* To be flexible in relation to service delivery as the needs of the
service dictate i.e. out of hours and provision of new service
* To co-operate with staff policy and review procedures.


_The Project Worker will:_

* To engage in all training needs analysis.
* To maintain a commitment to further education and training.
* To maintain internal supervision to reflect and review practice.


_The Project Worker will:_

* To co-operate with the introduction and continued operation of new
training programmes, identified as a result of international research,
best practice, changing demands etc. in order to improve the quality
of services provided.
* To co-operate with the development of new services GSCK or
initiatives by the HSE Social Inclusion and/or Lead Local Authority.
This will necessitate undertaking a broader and lower threshold case
mix in the future.
* To co-operate with the implementation of the Homeless Strategy /
National Drug Strategy, Regional Homeless Action Plan and HSE SIO
Operational Plan.
* To co-operate with various methods that may be introduced to
establish service user experience with service provision.
* To co-operate/participate in initiatives to improve the quality of
services, including joint audit.

* To co-operate with on-going monitoring and evaluation of the
effectiveness of services being provided, i.e.:

* Accountability.
* Service Outcomes.
* Service objectives/priorities.
* "Value for Money" initiatives.

* To co-operate with flexible working i.e. unsociable hours.
* To co-operate with all aspects of the design, installation and
operation of new technology i.e. service user management and
information systems.
* To carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the relevant
Line Manager.
* Risk Management
* To be aware of the principles of risk management and to be
individually responsible for risk management issues in your area of
work to include all Health & Safety policies.
* To identify risk situations and take appropriate action.
* To work in a manner to minimise risk.
* Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality
Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example,
Standards for Better, Safer Healthcare (HSE) and the National
Standards for Homeless Services and comply with associated HSE
protocols and SE Homeless Services for implementing and maintaining
these standards.



_Qualifications and/or experience_


* Possess the National Diploma in Applied Social Care Studies awarded
by awarded by Quality & Qualifications Ireland, (QQI) (Dearbhu
Cáiliochta agus Cáiliochtai Éireann) / DIT.
* Possess the Diploma in Social Care awarded by awarded by Quality &
Qualifications Ireland, (QQI) (Dearbhu Cáiliochta agus Cáiliochtai
Éireann) (_formerly HETAC_) / /DIT.
* Possess the Diploma in Applied Social Studies/Social Care from
* Possess a BA (Ord) in Social Care Practice (Level 7 on the QQI
* Possess Open Training College National Diploma in Applied Social
Studies (Disability).
* Possess an equivalent qualification


_B) _Candidates must have a suitable standard of professional


_C) _Candidates must have the requisite knowledge and ability
(including a high standard of suitability and ability for the proper
discharge of the duties of the office).


* Not less than 2 years’ experience in residential social care
services; preferably in the homeless sector
* leadership experience in social care services, including
supervision of social care staff would be a distinct advantage
* Extensive experience in working with behaviours that may challenge
and supporting care-staff in similar environments
* Supporting organisational change in a complex environment
* Recording, reporting and information management
* A full and clean driving license

_Post Specific Requirement: Ability to demonstrate_

* A thorough knowledge of principles of Social Care / Community Work
* A knowledge of Social Care supervision
* Knowledge of health and safety legislation; data protection,
report writing, funding structures for homeless services
* In depth knowledge of Case Management, Key working & Holistic
Needs Assessment, and use of PASS Database.
* Knowledge of the principles of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
and/ or Therapeutic Crisis Intervention would be an advantage
* Understanding of management principles in social acre settings
* Knowledge and understanding of relevant Government policy on
homelessness and the Quality Standards Framework for Homeless Services


_Person Centeredness_

* Demonstrate the importance of adopting a client centred approach;
where the needs and preferences of the individual are recognised and
* Provide, receive and evaluate information that contributes to
identifying the needs for service provision and planning future


* Work with individuals and colleagues to identify aspects of the
environment, practice and behaviour that are beneficial to creating an
inclusive culture for everyone.
* Respond appropriately where people are found to be excluded.
* Committed to ensuring that equality and diversity are promoted
within your organisation, for individuals and for staff members and
those who may come into contact with your organisation.
* Support others with whom you work, to work in ways that: recognise
and respect individuals’ beliefs and preferences.

_Professional Development_

* Analyse and reflect on what is required for competent, effective
and safe practice

* Continually monitor, evaluate and reflect on:

* your knowledge and skills
* your attitudes and behaviour
* any experiences and personal beliefs that might affect your work
* how well you practice and what could be improved
* the processes and outcomes from your work

* Take action, with supervision and support, to access development
opportunities that will enhance your knowledge and practice.
* Review the impact of such development opportunities on your work.
* Understand your role and responsibilities in the supervision
process and you allocate adequate time and preparation to ensure it is
a worthwhile and meaningful process for staff.

_Promoting Health and Wellbeing_

* Encourage and support individuals to examine aspects of their lives
and environment that affect their health and well-being and to select
positive options to promote their own health and well-being.
* Support individuals to communicate their views and preferences
regarding their current and future health and well-being needs and
* Work with individuals to identify the care and support: they can
and wish to undertake themselves that can be provided through the
individual’s support networks that needs to be provided by yourself
and others within and outside your organisation.
* Identify opportunities to provide choice to individuals.
* Promote individual’s rights to comment, complain or make
suggestions to ensure choice and wellbeing.
* Advance the individual through services and/or programs to foster
independence and well-being to achieve vision of eradicating

_Managing Challenging Behaviour_

* Support individuals to: explore and communicate their feelings
about their behaviour, recognise and understand the consequences of
their behaviour and understand the affects of their behaviour on
others and why it might be unacceptable.
* Support individuals to understand what might happen and the
actions that would have to be taken, if they behave in ways that are:
unacceptable to your organisation’s policies and procedures outside
the law.
* Support individuals to seek and acquire specialist support to help
them understand and deal with their behaviour and the reasons for it.
* Seek additional support for yourself, to enable you to work more
effectively with individuals who have challenging behaviour.



* Work with individuals to understand their preferred methods of
communication and language and ensure that any specific aids they
require are available.

* Encourage individuals to:

* engage with others and to respond appropriately
* express their feelings and emotions in acceptable ways
* overcome barriers to communication

* Access and update records and reports on your work with the
individuals accurately, comprehensively and according to legal,
organisational procedures and requirements.
* Record and report: any signs and symptoms that indicate a change
in the condition and care needs of the individual, in their support
requirements, any decisions you have made, actions you have taken
about the individual’s support needs and condition, conflicts that
have arisen and actions taken to resolve these.
* Involve and support individuals to contribute and understand
records and reports concerning them.
* Ensure the security and access to records and reports are
according to confidentiality agreements and legal and organisational

_Developing External Relationships_

* Committed to building good working relationships with agencies,
community networks and partnerships.
* Portray a positive and professional image of the Service.
* Participate, where appropriate in partnerships and community
* Committed to sharing information between professionals, where
confidentiality is respected, which is crucial to person centred care.
* Where appropriate participate in relevant interagency training.
* Demonstrate an openness for learning from other agencies and
* Ensure that any activities you engage in with other agencies or
organisations value and respect individuals and promote inclusiveness.


_Care Planning_

* Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support
individuals and others to plan and implement individualised care
* Support individuals and key people to identify and communicate:
the individual’s needs and preferences about their care and support
and any risks arising from these.
* Contribute to consultations about the development of
individuals’ care plans taking into account their assessed needs and
* Contribute to meetings and discussions about revisions to care
plans and their implementation.
* Record and report on the review and revisions of the care plan,
within confidentiality agreement and according to your role and

_Focus on Outcomes_

* Work with others to identify possible options for individuals and
any risks that have to be managed.
* Support the individuals and key people to identify the
individuals’ current skills and abilities and how these can be built
upon to enable them to manage their lives and environment more
* Support individuals and key people to select methods which are
most likely to enable them to make progress.
* Work with individuals, key people and others to assess their
progress and highlight where extra support is needed.
* Work with individuals and others to review the individual’s
future needs.

_Other Requirements Specific to the Post_

* Ability to maintain motivation and work within a changing and
developing service
* Ability to provide leadership in a rights-based service
* A high degree of professional and personal self-awareness
* Excellent listening, reflective and analytical skills
* Excellent communication skills
* Ability to receive and contribute appropriate critical and
reflective feedback
* Excellent reporting skills- ability to provide concise and
relevant reports regarding clients, staff or service development
* Flexible, open to new ways of working
* Ability to be stay calm, objective, fair, independent and
confident in challenging situations
* Ability to engage with service users



Please send applications to **Apply on the website**

Closing date: **Apply on the website**th November **Apply on the

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